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Success Rates

Pregnancy results for Concept Fertility Centre.

Pregnancy rates can be affected by a number of factors including the age of the female partner and the number of embryos transferred.  At Concept there is no upper age limit for access to IVF provided the female is not menopausal and the couple have received counselling regarding their lower chance of success.

Over 30% of female patients at Concept were aged over 40 years in 2016 and the median age was 36.2 years.  The results include embryo transfers done at the day 3 and day 5/6 stages of embryo development.  Around 85% of embryo transfer procedures at Concept are of a single embryo.  This has reduced the number of twin pregnancies which remains consistently below 10% and for 2016 was 2%. 

The graph below demonstrates Concept Fertility Centre clinical pregnancy rate for embryo transfer procedures resulting from IVF/ICSI and frozen embryo transfer (FET) cycles done in 2016. A clinical pregnancy is defined foetal heart present.

2016 preg rates.JPG

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