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At Concept Fertility Centre we offer patients a number of payment options. We support Supercare and ATO applications for our no Upfront Fee Tailored Treatment Packages (Bulk Bill Program excluded). If you prefer we can arrange easy term payment plans to assist with payment of your out of pocket post-treatment accounts.

Since January 2016 Concept has been working with an independent private company called Supercare.

Supercare provide an application management service to clients applying for approval to withdraw money from their Superannuation fund to pay for medical treatment.

After initial discussion with a suitably qualified advisor from the Supercare Team, you may decide to pay for professional support from Supercare to assist you to manage an application to the Department of Human Services.

The service provided by Supercare is not free, an upfront management fee is charged for handling the process of application.

Supercare fees are entirely independent of treatment fees invoiced by Concept Fertility Centre and Concept Day Hospital and your Specialist.

Concept Fertility Centre does not receive any commission, "kick back" or gratuity from Supercare.

There is no obligation for any patient to use Supercare to make an application to the Department of Human Services for approval to withdraw Superannuation funds.

In the event a patient wishes to make an independent application to the Department of Human Services you may of course make your own enquiries of the Department. It is then your responsibility to find out about the process and what is involved and to manage your own application.

Concept Fertility Centre does not manage direct applications to the Department of Human Services on behalf of patients.

Please continue to contact us in the event of Supercare, Fee or Payment questions and we’ll do our very best to assist you.

SuperCare IVF Services Advice team can facilitate the funding required for various treatments.

SuperCare is the only company in Australia specifically established to assist individuals to be able to effectively access their Superannuation to fund IVF treatments and other medical inputs, in an efficient and timely manner. By doing so, SuperCare ensures that its patients receive the priority treatment they deserve.

SuperCare’s consultants are with their patients every step of the way, facilitating and taking ‘the hassle’ out of the entire application process. As an integral part of your health support team, SuperCare’s consultants will seek the funding required for you to access up to 12 months of treatment.

SuperCare’s consultants pride themselves on their personal approach and work as a team with their patients to ensure an easy, efficient and stress free result.

Visit the SuperCare website to find out more.

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