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Bulk Billed IVF, IVF with ICSI & FET Treatment Programs

In addition to Concept Fertility Centre’s Tailored ART programs, we offer Bulk Billed IVF, IVF with ICSI & FET ART programs.

In contrast to Concept's Tailored Treatment Programs, our Bulk Billed Programs have a strict age and BMI eligibility criteria.
These Programs can only be accessed following assessment by your Concept Specialist.

The cycle management within these low cost programs is streamlined in order to reduce the costs associated with the cycle without compromising the standard of care that is provided. 

Concept has carefully evaluated and streamlined stimulation, monitoring and laboratory protocols to reduce associated costs whilst ensuring that outcomes are not compromised.

To take advantage of the Bulk Billed IVF & FET programs couples must meet all eligibility criteria, including age and full eligibility for Medicare rebates.

Bulk Billed  treatment programs are not available to women over 43 years of age (who have had their 44th birthday)

Bulk Billed treatment programs are not available to women with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of less than 19 or above 35

In addition patients must attend the specifically scheduled pre treatment meetings to prepare both clinically and financially for their treatment program.

The following interventions are excluded from Bulk Billed Treatment Programs 

The following items are Bulk Billed to Medicare

MBS item Numbers:

13200              oocyte collections for initial IVF rebated procedures in a calendar year

13201              oocyte collections for subsequent IVF rebated procedures in a calendar year

13251              ICSI in addition to IVF

13218              Frozen Thawed Embryo Transfer

Specialist Doctor Fees

13209              Planning and Management – bulk billed

13212              Oocyte Retrieval – bulk billed where no Private Health Insurance

13215              Embryo Transfer – bulk billed where no Private Health Insurance


If you have any additional charges to pay for example, sperm or embryo freezing, a separate account will be payable at the end of your treatment cycle.

The following services are not part of Concept’s Bulk Billed IVF, IVF with ICSI and FET Programs and fees will be determined by the Doctor and required investigations and diagnostic tests

In addition to Concept Fertility Centre account you will pay for the following services

  1. Anaesthetist fees

Oocyte retrieval and where applicable Embryo Transfer

  1. Concept Day Hospital Fee

Oocyte Retrieval and Embryo Transfer

Day case procedures in Concept Day Hospital incur theatre and accommodation fees. This charge will apply to patients with no private health cover or who are insured with a Concept unapproved health fund.

Please note there are no Medicare rebates for hospital admission.

This information sheet should be read in conjunction with the following Concept Fertility Centre Fact Sheets giving:

12.3.5 Patient Information - IVF

12.3.8 Patient Information - ICSI

12.3.6 Patient Information - FET

Please Contact Us to obtain these fact sheets.

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