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Egg and Sperm Freezing

Sperm Freezing

If your employment  keeps you away from home, maybe you're a FIFO worker and are trying for a baby with your partner, being together at the right time can be a challenge.

At Concept we offer you the opportunity to store sperm for your partner's use at the time she is ovulating. The stored samples can be used in either an Insemination or an IVF Treatment cycle, depending on which is most appropriate for your circumstances.

Storing samples is easy and requires only one or two visits to the clinic. You don't need a GP referral.

We will ask that you complete consent forms and the mandatory pre-storage blood tests and pay the storage fee.

If your family is complete and you are preparing for a vasectomy you may also be considering sperm storage - just in case circumstances change in the future.

Whatever your reason, call us now if you wish to arrange a storage appointment. 

 The freezing of sperm has been performed since the early 1950’s and has been routinely undertaken at Concept Fertility Centre since the early 1980’s. Read more »

Egg Freezing

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Elective Oocyte Freezing
Electing to freeze your eggs may be a good idea for those not wanting to start a family yet, but not wanting their age to compromise their future fertility.

Age is the number 1 factor affecting your chance of fertility. We know that as a woman gets older, the number and quality of her eggs drastically reduces and the chance of chromosomal abnormality is much higher.

The number of eggs you get frozen will vary depending on your age, hormones and how well you stimulate to the medications. We have many patients that are choose to undergo multiple egg freezing cycles to have a better chance of pregnancy in the future and to have the option to try for multiple children.

The advantages of freezing your eggs
- Higher fertility advantage than trying with your own eggs at a later age. For example, if you are trying for a baby at the age of 42, but your eggs were frozen at age 35, your chance of pregnancy is the same as a 35 year old.

- You can reduce the common issues of trying  for a baby at a later age. For example you will have a shorter time to pregnancy and a lower risk of chromosomal abnormalities.

- Reduces the pressure of trying to start a family before you are actually ready to.
It is important to be aware that there are no guarantees that with assisted reproduction, frozen eggs have the same success rates as using fresh eggs with IVF.

The downsides
- Hormonal stimulation
An IVF drug regime is required, you may need more than 1 cycle to achieve storage of a good number of eggs.

- Cost
This will be much cheaper than having multiple IVF cycles at a later age, especially if you need genetic testing due to advanced maternal age. At Concept we offer egg freezing as one of our GOLD Package options. 

- You may never need to use the frozen eggs
Circumstances change and you may find that you do not require your stored eggs to achieve pregnancy 

- There is no guarantee of success
Whilst you may feel reassured that taking the step to store eggs may offer you a chance to defer trying for a baby, there is no guarantee that eggs will survive the thawing process, fertilise normally or result in a pregnancy.

If you are interested in finding out more about Egg Freezing  book an appointment with one of our specialists who can further discuss egg freezing with you and if it’s the right option for you.

Egg freezing is now being offered in conjunction with Assisted Reproductive Technology programmes in the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia. Read more »

Ovarian tissue collection and cryopreservation has been developed for patients who are facing the possible loss of their ovarian function and / or oocyte quality due to various medical conditions or necessary medical therapies. Read more »

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